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Bible’s 2 Christmas accounts ‘complementary’

The accounts of Jesus' birth in Matthew and Luke "are complementary and make different points" but do not contradict one another, seminary professors say.

Fusion Mission Camp 2015

Richmond | June 21-25, 2015

Studentz Camp 2015

James Madison University | July 20-24, 2015

SHRMP 2015

South Hampton Roads Mission Project | July 20-24, 2015

Imitate Missions Camp

June 28-July 2 | Seaford

2015 Studentz Missions

Learn more about how your church can find a mission opportunity in your area!

Teddy Bear Brigade 2015

Be a vital part of helping children know someone cares and see the love of Jesus demonstrated.

LMCO: Pastors witness people’s need for Lamb of God amid culture of ritual sacrifice

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering: Southern Baptists visiting South Asia see the futility of people trying to please gods through rituals and animal sacrifices. But they also see hope through churches started by Christian workers sharing the fulfillment of the Gospel in Christ.

Under New Management

Remember that as followers of Jesus Christ, we are under new management.

52 Sundays - December 21

This week focuses on Aaron and Tia Jozwiak as they minister in Madison, Wisconsin.

52 Sundays - December 28

This week focuses on a missionary in the Horn of Africa.

52 Sundays - December 7

This week focuses on Charley and Abbey as they minister in India.

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Statewide Bible Drill & Youth Speakers’ Tournament 2015

May 16, 2015

Become a Sponsor Church

How to become a sponsor church for a church plant

Women’s Ministry Resource Guide Brochure

View the Women's Ministries resources in an online brochure format.

Download Planter Prayer Cards

PDF versions of the planter prayer cards are attached to this article.