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2014 SBCV Kidz Leadership Conference & Super VBS Clinic

March 29 | Grove Avenue Baptist Church | This year, statewide children's ministry & VBS training will be in one location with more breakouts and giveaways than ever before!

Bible Drill - Skills, Drills, and Thrills - Green Cycle

Games, activities, stories, puzzles, drama, music, crafts, service projects combine to make a fun way to teach children Bible Skills.

Bible Drill - Games and Activities for Blue, Red, and Green Cycles

Whether you are preparing for Bible Drill Competition or just need some fresh new ideas for teaching kids verses and books of the Bible, this book is for YOU!

Parent Project - Tools for Godly Parenting- Birth to 24 months

This book, written by William Sears, M.D., an acclaimed pediatrician, trained at Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital. It is designed to help parents discover and apply practical principles of godly parenting.

Wholly Kids - Guiding Kids to Life in Christ

This is an easy-to-read book full of fun graphics and details about how kids learn so you can help guide them to life in Christ.

Quick Clips - Videos that Help Kids Apply the Bible to Life - Volume 2

This DVD resource contains 15 engaging videos to help kids in grades 1-6 apply Biblical truths in their everyday lives.

Theo, Volume 2 - Foundations of Salvation

This DVD helps children go deeper into the Bible while having fun. It's "Theo"logy for kids!

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