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A Christmas Gift of a Million More

On December 21, 2010, the US Census Bureau revealed that the Father has entrusted us with one million more souls with whom to share the good news of Jesus.

Maira and The Bridge

Maira was hurting, looking for answers. Then, she ran across The Bridge.

Fernando Mangieri and ESL

Fernando Mangieri came to Virginia to plant Spanish-speaking churches, but he's even been able to built evangelistic relationships while learning English.

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is a set of three Bible studies that introduce participants to faith and life in Christ.


The HOPE is a visual depiction of elements from 35 key Bible stories from Genesis to Acts 1. When told in order, these stories assist viewers in gaining an understanding of God, man, and the Gospel. The DVD is divided into 12 segments, each averaging about five minutes in length.

Multiplying approves 11 planters and develops new opportunities

At a time when we have more lostness in Virginia than ever before, and at a time when we are trusting the Father for the privilege of partnering with our member churches to initiate 400 new churches before the end of this decade, we are all eager to see increasing numbers of church planting candidates approved and placed in the field.

Church Planting Strategists

Church Planting Strategists work with church planters, church planter mentors, and local churches to facilitate, encourage, and give vision to church planting.

2009 Eagle Awards for Sponsoring Churches

Throughout 2009, churches which have made a new commitment to sponsor a church plant have been recognized by the presentation of an Eagle Award in a worship service in their church. Your church health strategists and church planting strategists are honored to present this list of new sponsoring churches.

Multiplying Churches Highlights at Annual Homecoming

The SBC of Virginia 2009 Annual Homecoming is fast becoming a fleeting memory, but the effects are lingering. For the Multiplying Churches Team, there were several highlights worth noting

Guidelines for Sponsoring a new Church Plant

Document outlining 11 steps in a process for sponsorship.

Greater DC Church Planting

The SBCV, in partnership with the North American Mission Board, is actively involved in planting new churches throughout the Greater Washington DC area.

Randy Aldridge Transitions to Church Planting

Randy Aldridge has been the Church Enrichment Missionary for the Southwestern Ministry Area of our state for the past four years. In 2009, Randy will shift his focus to fostering church planting.

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Become a Sponsor Church

How to become a sponsor church for a church plant

TruthSticks: Where Bible Storying and Discipleship Meet

How do we bring the Bible to life to at least half of the population that have a non-reading learning preference?

Download Planter Prayer Cards

PDF versions of the planter prayer cards are attached to this article.

Become a Church Planter

How to begin the process of becoming an SBC of Virginia church planter.