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Independence Day

As we celebrate another year of America's independence, let us not forget how dependent we need to be on God.

Held in Contempt

No matter where you find yourself, it is important as Christ followers to stand with integrity.

Hoover Dam

SBC of Virginia's Director of Communications Brandon Pickett visits Hoover Dam and shares this Empowered segment.

Honor Your Parents

This Mother's Day, we hope you take the time to thank whomever in your life invested in you as you continue to serve the Lord in our mission field.

Remember to pray

Dr. Brian Autry shares the importance of praying without ceasing in this message.

Tax Day

Taxes are not the only things for which we are accountable. Dr. Brian Autry reminds us of our trust in God.

Life is a Circus

At times, life is like a circus. Listen as Dr. Brian Autry shares this message on turning to Jesus for guidance and assurance.

March Madness

Dr. Brian Autry shares this message of the passion we should have to worship Jesus Christ.

Compass leads to rescue

Dr. Brian Autry shares just how important it is for our compass to be pointed to the Creator.

Hurry Up, Ketchup

Dr. Brian Autry shares how slow-moving ketchup can be comparable to our patience as Christ followers.

Humbled Himself

Dr. Brian Autry shares how easily human power can be stripped away to humble ourselves before the Lord.

Water in the Wilderness

Nearly five months without rain draws IMB Missionary Mike Smith to reflect on the importance of life-giving water.

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