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One-Hundred-Dollar Bill

Brandon Pickett tells the story of a man who refused to pick a $100 bill up off the ground . . . and his logical, but foolish, reason why.


Brandon Pickett shares how his experiences with these frustrating little pests taught him deeper truths about the nature of sin and the need for spiritual vigilance.

Valentine’s Day Proposal

Brandon Pickett shares how a painful rejection can point us to One whose love never fails.

Believing Is Seeing

An anecdote from Walt Disney’s widow can teach us something about visionary faith.

The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson

One of the most powerful illustrations for Easter that you’ll ever hear

Sweet Things Can Be Deadly

Sweet things can be deadly if not kept in their proper place and proportion.

Destroy Your Enemy

Have an enemy you’d like to eliminate? Here’s how . . . .

It’s For the Heathen Anyway

Here’s a light-hearted story on giving to missions that packs a surprising punch.

Michael Jordan and I

When we work together, we win!

The Statue of Three Lies

Here’s a fascinating, little-known oddity that drives home the importance of telling the truth.

Dum-dums and Dumb Dumbs

A classic “dumb criminal” story illustrates the truth that we cannot escape the consequences of our sins.

Not A Single One

Hear a touching Valentine's Day story that reflects the kind of love that God has for us.

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