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His Name is at the Top

A tool to motivate your people to put the Lord at the top of their "gift list"!

Him. Him. Him.

A great illustration on giving.

I Will Tell Your Name

A missionary illustration that ties Thanksgiving to evangelism.

Walk with the Wise

Peer pressure isn't a sin—it's a fact. Walk with the wise so that you'll be wise.

Collector Coins and Frito Pies

Don't trade what has lasting value for temporary pleasure.

The Greatest

Confidence is not bad if it is placed in the right person—the Lord Jesus!

Sand in my Shoes

Here's a reminder not to let small setbacks defeat us.

Look Before You Leap

A skydiver's miscue is a vivid illustration of the importance of balancing zeal and knowledge.

Finish; Don’t Coast

A thrilling Beijing Olympics illustrates the importance of finishing strong in the assignments that God has given us.

Road Sign

A peculiar road sign on a lonely stretch of highway prompts an evaluation of our compassion.

The Harvest

Is there such a thing as farmers who don't bring in the harvest?

License Plates

Unfortunately, trivial pursuit is more than a game. We often find ourselves engrossed in inconsequential issues.

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