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The Greatest

Confidence is not bad if it is placed in the right person—the Lord Jesus!

Sand in my Shoes

Here's a reminder not to let small setbacks defeat us.

Look Before You Leap

A skydiver's miscue is a vivid illustration of the importance of balancing zeal and knowledge.

Finish; Don’t Coast

A thrilling Beijing Olympics illustrates the importance of finishing strong in the assignments that God has given us.

Road Sign

A peculiar road sign on a lonely stretch of highway prompts an evaluation of our compassion.

The Harvest

Is there such a thing as farmers who don't bring in the harvest?

License Plates

Unfortunately, trivial pursuit is more than a game. We often find ourselves engrossed in inconsequential issues.

Don’t Be DQed

An incident in the career of golf prodigy Michelle Wie illustrates that small mistakes can have big consequences.

A Kansas Tornado

A light-hearted story about a farmer and his wife that serves to remind us of the importance of nurturing our marriages.

Fill ‘er Up, Lord

A true anecdote that points to the importance of being filled with God's Spirit.

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