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Leading a Child to Christ Training Pack

This resource guides parents, leaders, and older children in how to share their faith

Resilient Faith

A Bible Study by Mary Jo Sharp (6 sessions)

Rebuild: A Study in Nehemiah

A bible Study by Kathleen Nielson with D.A. Carson (8 sessions)

Faithful One (teen study)

Bible Study by Amy-Jo Girardier (8 sessions)

Wild About You: A Study for Teens by Angela Thomas (6 sessions)

A Bible Study by Angela Thomas for teens.

Insider: A Bible Study for Teens

A youth Bible Study by Shautni Feldhahn

52 Sundays - June 29

This week focuses on Jeff Mingee and Catalyst Church as they minister in Newport News, VA.

52 Sundays - June 22

This week focuses on Joe as he ministers in Central Asia.

52 Sundays - June 15

This week focuses on Zach and Amy Weighrauch and their ministry in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

52 Sundays - June 8

This week focuses on Jeff and Sara Phillips and their ministry in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Story

Share the Gospel using the grand biblical narrative of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation.

Prayer Resources

Aid in your personal development of the practice of prayer. Lord, teach us to pray!

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Women’s Ministry Resource Guide Brochure

View the Women's Ministries resources in an online brochure format.

About The Mapping Center

Harness online mapping and demographic tools to make meaningful connections with neighbors around your church.