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SBCV Spotlight - October 2013

Highlighting the E412 Conferences held in September and details on the upcoming Annual Homecoming.

SBCV Spotlight - September 2013

Pastor Fellowships are in full swing, Church Planter Wives are gathering, and some exciting events are in store.

SBCV Spotlight - August 2013

Spotlighting what God is doing through Studentz Camp and upcoming events.

SBCV Spotlight - July 2013

Spotlighting Fusion Camp in Martinsville, Fusion Camp in Richmond and gearing up for Studentz Camp.

SBCV Spotlight - June 2013

A special video filmed at the SBC Annual Meeting in Texas.

SBCV Spotlight - May 2013

SBCV Spotlights the recent Women's Ministries Conferences, Disaster Relief training, PLANT, the Praetorian Project and the SBC Convention.

SBCV Spotlight - April 2013

Hundreds of men on fire for God, church planters in training, camp rolling out this summer, and a new Empowered radio program announcement are the topics for this SBCV Spotlight.

SBCV Spotlight - March 2013

Highlights from the Youth Evangelism Conferences and Church Revitalization Conference and a preview of special events you can expect to see in the coming months ahead.

Around the Ministry 2007

Recap of training events and missions around the commonwealth.

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