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Centro de Cartografía

Utilizar datos demográficos para ayudarle a evangelizar a tu ciudad.

Jesus & Your Job

No matter what job we may have, we need to work hard to honor God.

Crossover Baltimore Video

Crossover Baltimore was a week long mission opportunity June 1 - 7, 2014. Use this video to celebrate the Lord's work and promote Crossover in your church.

SBC of Virginia Churches at Crossover

Serving God's people through Crossover 2014 in Baltimore.

SBC 2014 Timelapse

A timelapse from our booth at the Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore.


The church is a body of Christ believers that strengthens relationships with our Savior, gains Biblical knowledge, & serves others.

SBCV Spotlight - June 2014

Spotlighting Crossover Baltimore and two camps this summer: Fusion and Studentz.

D-Day Anniversary

Honoring our troops who gave theirs lives for our freedom on D-Day and praising Jesus Christ who died to save you and me from our sins.

SBCV Spotlight - May 2014

Brandon Pickett shares this message from the SBC of Virginia Mission Support Center in Glen Allen. We hope to see you soon at one of the upcoming events.


Sometimes it is easy for us to have a clouded or guarded view of our lives, but if we simply change our perspective, we can see how much God loves and blesses us.

VBS Evangelism & Counseling of Children Breakout at 2014 SBCV Kidz Leadership Conference

Tommy Knighten shares about evangelizing and follow-up counseling with children at the 2014 SBCV Kidz Leadership Conference.

VBS Worship Training at 2014 SBCV Kidz Leadership Conference

Leaders demonstrate VBS worship sessions at the 2014 SBCV Kidz Leadership Conference.

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