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2010 Proposed Changes to SBCV Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

To: Ministers and Church Staff

As we look forward to SBCV’s Annual Homecoming November 7-9, there is one business item that needs to be considered that requires this advance notice to the SBCV member churches.
Attached are proposed changes to the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia’s Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, and Bylaws.  The primary proposed change, which comes primarily from my own prompting, consists of separating the position of Executive Director from that of Treasurer.  In the process of determining which paragraphs needed to be changed for that purpose, minor housekeeping items were discovered and addressed as well.

The proposed changes are noted in the attached documents and have been approved by the Ministry Support Services Committee and will be presented to the Executive Board for its approval prior to the Annual Meeting.

Please give me or Dr. Chauncey a call should you have any questions.

In reviewing the documents, please note that the words shaded in yellow are additions and those words that are in red letters have been deleted.

  1. Separation of the positions of Executive Director and Treasurer.
    • A. Treasurer is CFO and member of staff.
    • B. Treasurer is a non-voting member of Executive Committee and the Executive Board.
    • C. Treasurer is nominated by the Executive Director and elected by the Executive Committee.
  2. Consistency in wording of all documents.
    “Convention” changed to “Annual Meeting” or “SBCV”, depending on the context.
  3. Consistency in timing to amend all three documents.
    Requires notice to all the churches 60-days prior to the Annual Meeting.
  4. The naming of specific Board Committees has been removed from the Bylaws and they are now named in the Business and Ministry Plan that is approved by the Executive Board.
  5. The proposed wording requires agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 for all Board Members, Officers, Missionaries, and managerial staff of the SBCV and its subsidiaries.


Jeff Ginn,
Executive Director