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2012 Annual Homecoming

Annual Homecoming 2012 was November 11 – 13, at Liberty Baptist Church, Hampton


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Sunday, November 11

Session 1:
6:30 – 8:00 PM

  • Worship (Jeff Askew/Liberty Baptist Praise Team)
  • Q & A with Blake Koch
  • Brian Autry
  • Speaker: David Miller

Monday, November 12

Session 2:
9:00 – 11:30 AM

  • Worship (Jeff Askew/Liberty Baptist Praise Team)
  • Breakout Session 1
  • Breakout Session 2


Seminary Luncheons

Contact your seminary for details or visit your seminary’s booth at Annual Homecoming.

Session 3:
1:25 – 4:45 PM

  • Worship (Scott Bullman/Sounds of Liberty)
  • Theme Introduction: Tim Hight
  • Business Session
  • Video Story: A Church Planter's Journey - Parts I & II
  • Ministry Investment Plan and Treasurer's Report
  • Speaker: Ellis Prince

4:45 PM

Church Planter Dinner
(by invitation only)

Women's Ministry Dinner

$12/each. Register online when you register for Annual Homecoming as a messenger or guest.

NOTE: A limited number of tickets will be available at Annual Homecoming if you prefer to register at the event.

Guest Speaker: Pat Layton, author of Surrender the Secret

Session 4:
6:45 – 8:45 PM

  • Worship (Scott Bullman/Sounds of Liberty)
  • Installation of The New Executive Director
  • Video Story: A Church Planter's Journey - Part III & IV
  • Eagle Awards
  • Speaker: Michael Catt

Tuesday, November 13

Session 5:
8:55 – 11:55 AM

  • Worship (Scott Bullman/Sounds of Liberty)
  • Partner Reports
  • Business Session
  • Executive Director's Report
  • Video Story: A Missionary's Journey - Parts I & II
  • Panel Discussion: SBC of Virginia Churches Transforming the World
  • Nehemiah Awards
  • Business Session
  • Speaker: Randy Hahn (President's Address)

12:00 PM

Fellowship Lunch
(All Invited)

Prepared by SBCV Disaster Relief Ministry

Free, but registration is required. Register online when you register for Annual Homecoming as a messenger or guest.

Session 6:
1:30 – 4:00 PM

  • Worship (Scott Bullman/Sounds of Liberty)
  • Partner Reports
  • Business Session/Election
  • Macedonia Awards
  • Pentecost Awards
  • Video Story: A Missionary's Journey - Parts III & IV
  • Speaker: Afshin Ziafat

Breakout Sessions

Ordering Financial Priorities for World Transformation

W166 – Choir Rehearsal Room

DR. DOYLE CHAUNCEY, President, SBC of Virginia Foundation
REV. GARY HORTON, Regional Missionary, Southwest, SBC of Virginia

Transforming our world for Christ is not just a good idea nor is it optional. It is a mandate directly from our Lord and Savior (Acts 1:8). We will share ideas and strategies in this breakout seminar to assist churches in ordering financial priorities and allocating resources for maximum global impact.

Communities of Hope

A132 Quad

PANEL of pastors whose churches have used Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope is a resource for pastors and churches to empower committed Christians to reach their lost friends and neighbors with the Gospel by way of starting evangelistic small groups outside of the church. Paired with intentional equipping, coaching, and divine enablement, there is no end to the evangelistic impact God can bring to your community, other surrounding communities, and the world. Come learn how your church can multiply your evangelistic impact by using this free resource designed just for you.

Using Storying to Transform the World

Room M106

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP with missionaries who have used storying in the field

Bible storying can be used inside the church, across the street, and around the world for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. It can be chronological, topical, or both. It involves a natural, contextual telling and discussion of Bible stories. Anyone can learn and share God’s Word this way. Bible storying is not just for the ends of the earth; it is equally effective right here in our culture. For instance, current statistics tell us that more than 51% of the population in Hampton Roads is illiterate of functionally illiterate.

Understanding and Engaging People of Different Faiths

Dining Hall

DR. JOHN H. EWERT, Associate Vice President of Project Development and Fletcher Professor of Missions, Evangelism, and Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Some eastern religions now outnumber historic mainline denominations in our country. The faiths of the nations are in our own neighborhoods. Why do people of other faiths believe what they believe and how can we best engage them with the Gospel? Whether at home or overseas, we must be equipped to share the truth of Christ with those who do not know Him.

Transforming the World Where You Live Through Servant Evangelism

Dining Hall

DR. DAVID WHEELER, Director of the Center for Ministry Training and Professor of Evangelism at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary; and NAMB Field Missionary

Strategic evangelism that works: you will be challenged to seek movements of God...not just ministry moments in time! The key is biblical multiplication through the whole body of Christ. We will discuss outreach principles and at least one obtainable approach to evangelism that will engage your people to serve and impact their family, friends, and neighbors through Gospel conversations. It is the Great Commission 101!

Shatter the Silence: Exploring Sub-Saharan Africa

Room D127

TOM & CINDI MELVIN, Kingdom to Kingdom (K2) Cluster – Engagement Team Strategy Leaders, International Mission Board

Potential partners will learn from real live missionaries about Sub-Saharan people groups, their heritage, worldview, language, religion, culture, and responsiveness to the Gospel. In addition, “engaging” terms will be defined and expectations of partnering and engaging churches discussed. If you or your church has ever considered networking with other churches working in Sub-Saharan Africa, please consider attending.



  • Sounds of Liberty led by Scott Bullman
  • Liberty Baptist Church Praise Team and Choir led by Jeff Askew (all recently featured at the 2012 SBC Pastors' Conference)
  • Combined Choir from local Virginia churches