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2013 Vision Virginia Week of Prayer for State Missions & Offering

Week of Prayer

September 22–29, 2013

State Missions Offering

Goal: $250,000


Please remember that the Vision Virginia offering is a special gift beyond your tithe and offering to your local church.

The Ministries You Support

Your prayers and gifts do a lot. Because of the faithful giving of SBC of Virginia churches through the Cooperative Program, 100% of gifts to Vision Virginia will support the ministries listed below.

Acts 1:8 Families

Through acts of service, prayer, Bible study, and evangelism, Acts 1:8 Families helps families grow in the Lord together as they serve alongside one another.
Example: A $50 gift could contribute towards an Acts 1:8 mission week in 2014.

Video Story: Sonia Kaylor

Appalachian Ministries

SBC of Virginia churches and ministry centers in the Appalachian Region are reaching many who suffer from poverty-related problems, including things like abuse, drug use, illiteracy, and basic physical needs.
Example: A $75 gift could buy a warm coat for someone facing the cold Appalachian winter.


Baptist Builders

Baptist Builders help renovate and build church structures and respond to long-term recovery needs following disasters.
Example: A $250 gift could provide a chop saw for builders working with metal construction.


Church Planting

Church planting is an effective means of making new disciples, spreading the Gospel and impacting lostness.
Example: A $5,000 gift could help support a church planter or apprentice so that he can focus more time and energy on his calling.

Video Stories:
Fernando Mangieri

Church Strengthening

Workshops, assessments, and face-to-face mentoring provide churches with the training and resources needed to assess their current level of health and make positive steps for growth.
Example: A $500 gift could help fund a multi-church workshop.


DC Mission Center

Worship space, small group meeting areas, and church planting office space are very limited and costly in our nation's capital.
Example: A $3,000 gift could provide one month's rent for the DC Mission Center.


Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief teams respond in times of great need to natural disasters, sharing the Gospel with those they meet.
Example: A $15 gift could buy a stuffed toy for a child who has lost everything in a disaster.

English as a Second Language

The Lord can transform hearts of English-learners through church-based ESL programs.
Example: A $20 gift could provide an ESL learner with the books needed for class.

Video Story: Fernando Mangieri


Timely and up-to-date resources, training, and encouragement help pastors, staff, and lay leaders lead out in evangelism in their own mission fields.
Example: A $30 gift could help fund a backyard Bible club.


Food Distribution

Local food distribution ministries help provide for the basic needs of Virginians living in poverty.
Example: A $150 gift could purchase 790 lbs of food for food distribution ministries.

Video Story: Feeding the 5,000

Ministry Intern Scholarships

Intern scholarships help churches extend their ministries while also investing in future church leaders..
Example: A $1,500 gift could help a church fund a ministry intern for the summer.

Video Story: Ryan Hendricks

Property for Church Plants

Healthy church plants face the challenging need of finding land and permanent facilities.
Example: A $1,000 gift could contribute towards a matching grant for church plant property.


Seminarian Scholarships

Seminarian scholarships allow ministers to receive a theological education that equips them to better serve in their harvest fields.
Example: A $2,000 gift could help a seminary student with educational expenses.


Worship Equipment for Church Plants

When church plants reach the stage of holding public worship services, they need equipment that is often costly and sometimes beyond their means.
Example: A $100 gift could provide a church plant with a microphone for its worship team.