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2014 Fusion Mission Camp


Download a copy of this video from the IFR Vimeo page.

Fusion Mission Camp is SOLD OUT!

June 22–26 | Richmond


Featuring Chip Luter and The Worship Collective

Fusion is a one-of-a-kind camp experience designed to engage students in missions here in Virginia. Fusion outreach activities include things like servant evangelism, special needs ministry, children's ministry, sports and recreation ministry, and more.

The goals of Fusion are:

  • To engage students in the continuing work of Jesus' Great Commission
  • To come along side churches to assist them in their Great Commission work.
  • To bring much glory to Jesus thorugh the cooperative efforts of Fusion participants and churches.

Missions Projects will fit into one of three categories.  Church groups will be able to choose which category best fits the skills and abities of their youth.

  • Pre-Evangelism: Projects designed to minister in communities with the purpose of building relationships, earning "the right to be heard".  The likelihood of an evangelistic encouter is typically low.  This type of project bolsters the reputation of the sponser church in the community, and builds in-roads for future opportunities to share Christ.  Examples include painting, yardwork at schools and community centers, clean-up and prayer walking.
  • Relational Evangelism: People-oriented projects with possibility of spiritual conversations.  These type of projects meet a need or provide a service directly to people.  Examples include attractional events like block parties, VBS, gas buy-down and servanthood evangelism events like a free car wash, free yard service, etc.
  • Intentional Evangelism: Projects that are confrontational, dierct and evangelistically focused.  Activieis oriented around a verbal presentation of the gospel to individuals or groups.  Examples include street witnessing, public skits, testimonies and public performances with a gospel message.

Church Registration Fee: $250 per church group
Early Registration (until March 31): $99 per person
Registration (April 1-May 26): $125 per person

Last year, 295 people served over 3,650 hours in local missions. Why not bring your students to join the mission this year?