Strong churches with a bold commitment to the Great Commission

About SBC of Virginia Church Planting

Throughout our state and nation's capital, there are more than six million lost and unreached people. We recognize that church planting is an effective means of reaching the lost, and are committed to assisting our churches in their task of fulfilling the Great Commission, penetrating lostness through church planting.

The SBCV has been partnering with churches to plant churches since its beginning. It is a core value. To this end, your area SBCV church planting strategist is available to assist your church to plant other churches through a systematic approach, which has been proven to facilitate the planting of healthy, reproducing churches. We refer to this approach as the Church Planting Process.

The SBCV is preparing for a church planting movement and is calling out lay people and the vocationally called alike. Will you be a part of what God is doing?