Strong churches with a bold commitment to the Great Commission

About Strengthening Churches

Church strengthening is focused on supporting church leadership and strengthening existing churches.

Our strategy is to help local churches insure good congregational health and encourage steady growth. Our regional missionaries are deployed throughout the state to assist your church with many ministries and resources, training events, and specialized equipping opportunities.

The New Testament church had everything in common, shared their resources, increased in salvations, grew in their spiritual walk, and scattered in order to carry forth the Gospel. Even though the strategies and process may look different today, the message and the goal are the same—to be a healthy, growing, and maturing church.

Pastor & Staff Development

  • Pastor Networks & Fellowships
  • Affinity Networks
  • Pastoral Mentoring
  • Seminary Extensions
  • Seminarian Scholarships
  • Leadership Summit
  • Guest Conferences
  • Ministry to Pastors’ Wives & Families

Churches in Transition

  • Pastor Search Training
  • Transitional Pastors

Church Growth

  • Multiple Services
  • Multi-site
  • Discipleship
  • Sunday School & Small Groups

Church Revitalization

  • Transformational Church
  • Church Consultation
  • Under-the-Wing Ministry
  • Church Re-start

Church Administration

  • Church Ministry Assistants
  • Constitution & By-laws
  • Church Incorporation
  • Church Policies & Practices
  • Business Meetings

Church Finances

  • Church Budget
  • Church Payroll
  • Ministerial Salary
  • Housing Allowance
  • Ministerial Retirement
  • Cooperative Program
  • International & North American Missions Offerings
  • Vision Virginia State Missions Offering

Church Leadership Training

  • E412 Regional Equipping Conferences
  • Discipleship/Small Groups
  • Deacons
  • Customized Training

Women’s Ministries

  • State and Regional Conferences
  • Women’s Ministry By Design Electronic Magazine
  • Women’s Ministry Leadership Retreat

Ministry to Men

  • Wildfire Conference
  • Noble Warriors

Studentz Ministry

  • Studentz Camp
  • Fusion Mission Camp
  • Youth Evangelism Conference
  • Student Pastor Retreat
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Student Interns
  • Center for Ministry Training at Liberty University

Children and Preschool

  • Leader Networks
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Bible Drill and Youth Speakers’ Tournament

Evangelism & Prayer

  • Evangelism Response Center
  • God’s Plan for Sharing
  • Lay Renewal/Revival
  • 40 Days of Prayer
  • Block Party & Sports Trailer Ministry


Some of the resources we provide include: