Strong churches with a bold commitment to the Great Commission

About the SBC of Virginia

The SBC of Virginia is a fellowship of more than 600 local churches from across the Commonwealth of Virginia. We seek to have a global impact through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The SBC of Virginia began in 1993 when conservative Virginia Baptists across the state founded the SBCV fellowship. On September 16, 1996, messengers that met at Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia voted for the fellowship to become a new Southern Baptist state convention. On October 1, 1996, the SBC Executive Committee officially acknowledged SBCV as a new State Convention.

We celebrated our 15th anniversary in October of 2011 with the dedication of a brand-new mission support center in Glen Allen and at the 2011 Annual Homecoming, which took place November 13–15 at Grove Avenue Baptist Church.


The Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia is a fellowship of Southern Baptist Convention churches cooperating to assist local congregations in their task of fulfilling the Great Commission as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Core Values

  • Our foundation is the Word of God.
  • Our fellowship is built on healthy relationships.
  • Our focus is strengthening the local church.
  • Our function is to assist churches to be on mission.
  • Our future includes church planting.


  • Church Planting
  • Strengthening Churches
  • Missions Mobilization


We believe that the Bible is the verbally inspired Word of God, and is sufficient as our only infallible rule of faith and practice. We deny that other books are inspired by God in the same way as the Bible. The fundamental truths to which we are committed are expressed in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 with the clarification of inerrancy as described.

Ministry Regions

At the SBC of Virginia, we believe strongly that having a local missionary in the area, working hand-in-hand with God's people, will have a far more meaningful impact on the spread of the Gospel than we could hope to provide from a central location. Because of this, we've divided our state into seven ministry regions, each having dedicated regional missionaries to assist local churches with their individual needs.

Our ministry regions are as follows:

  • North
  • Central-East
  • Central-West
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • Southside
  • Valley