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About Vision 20/20

What is Vision 20/20?

On January 27, 2009 the Executive Board of the SBC of Virginia initiated the Vision 20/20 Team. The team's assignment is to "review the past, examine the present, and envision a preferred future for the SBC of Virginia that will bring our God glory."

The Vision 20/20 Survey

In the spring, the Vision 20/20 team circulated a survey to SBCV churches. We received a great deal of helpful information, and now we offer the results in two Microsoft Excell documents (attached to this article).

The Vision 20/20 Report

On Monday, November 9, 2009, the Vision 20/20 Team presented its report to the state convention at the SBCV 2009 Annual Homecoming. The report (attached to this article) was voted on and enthusiastically approved.

The Members of The Vision 20/20 Team

SBCV Convention officers:
  • Tim Hight (Main St., Christiansburg), President
  • Mike Palmer (Green Ridge-Roanoke), 1st Vice President
  • Brian Autry (Parkway, Moseley), 2nd Vice President
  • Mike Smith (Norview, Norfolk), Secretary
SBCV Leadership Team:
  • Jeff Ginn, Executive Director
  • Doyle Chauncey, President of the SBCV Foundation and Church Ministry Services
  • Steve Bradshaw, Director of Maturing Churches
  • Mark Custalow, Director of Multiplying Churches
  • Mark Gauthier, Director of Mobilizing Churches
At Large Representatives:
  • Gordon Ellsworth (Virginia Beach Beacon),
  • Executive Board member
  • Daniel Floyd (Lifepoint, Fredericksburg)
  • Wendell Horton (Sky View, Fancy Gap),
  • Executive Board member
  • Clovis Pause (Iglesia-El Camino-Richmond)
  • Amy Stewart (Beaverdam), Executive Board member
  • Jim Stone (Spotswood, Fredericksburg),
  • Executive Board member
  • Carl Weiser (Hyland Heights, Rustburg), Executive Board member & chairman