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Adopt a Local School 2014

August – September

As we think about a mission opportunity for August and September, let’s begin at our backdoor with a place with which we are all familiar — our schools. We are suggesting that you “adopt a school” for at least these two months (even longer if you desire). We would like for your church to find ways that you can help build relationships with your local schools. Many of you are already doing this, and we would love to see all of our churches building these kinds of relationships that can lead to opportunities to share Christ with students, teachers, custodians, and school authorities.

Suggested ways you can reach out to local schools are:

  • Ask the principal for a list of ways your church can best help the school.
  • Offer to help teachers get their classrooms ready for new school year.
  • Take lunch over to teachers who are setting up classrooms.
  • Help clean classrooms or the gym.
  • Take snacks over to teachers break room during the school year.
  • Offer to help clean out flower beds and put out fresh mulch.
  • Help with any painting projects needed.
  • Ask for teachers “wish list” of needed supplies for classrooms.

The list is endless of ways your church can get involved. You can begin by asking the principal how you can help.

Please share some of the ways your church is helping (or plans to help) your local schools by emailing Sue Sawyer at Let’s all work together to reach our Jerusalem.


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