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Baptist Builders - Boasting is a Good Thing

“My soul shall make its boast in the Lord!” Psalm 34:2

Baptist Builders are glad to “boast” in what God has done at Preston Oaks Baptist Church!

Thirty-five volunteers from 12 churches and three states came together March 28 thru April 1st to complete the “ROC” (Recreation Outreach Center) at Preston Oaks Baptist Church, Roanoke, Virginia. This active and growing church in a large community is ready to reach out to adults, youth and children in a big way. They will use the new facility to share space with a Hispanic church plant, to play Upward Basketball, host Awana games and much more!

Volunteers completed classrooms, a kitchen and storage rooms with finished drywall, dropped ceilings, lighting and window trim. Once again, God sent the right volunteers at the right time to complete it all. When two drywall finishers had to leave earlier than planned, they stayed up late one evening to work.   The next day three others came to work and were able to finish every room!   We “boast” in what God does to touch the hearts of volunteers to come and help. It is amazing! We know that God will send the adults, youth and children to fill these rooms as the family of Preston Oaks Baptist Church will be On Mission to tell others about Jesus---they too will “boast in the Lord!”

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