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Steps For A Church To Take In Evaluating Affiliation With The SBCV

Assigning Responsibility:

Consider prayerfully which group of leaders within the church should gather and evaluate the facts and information about the convention. A small group should study the options before they are taken to the congregation for a decision. Some churches form a special study committee. Others assign it to the deacons, missions committee, stewardship committee, or some other existing committee. A pastor and/or church staff should not try to do this by themselves or try to get the entire church body to decide without a small leadership group’s involvement and recommendation.

Obtain Information:

The pastor or chairman for the small group should obtain the following information from the SBCV office (toll free) 888-234-7716:

SBCV current newsletter (s)
Copy of 2000 Baptist Faith and Message
Copy of affiliation form for the church to approve

(Affiliation forms can be obtained from your regional missionary. See Church Health Strategists in the related articles section at the bottom of this article.)

Ask For Help:

Request that the Executive Director or your area missionary visit the church to meet with the pastor and/or small group of leaders assigned the responsibility to evaluate the options. The first visit should not be with the entire congregation.

Arrive At A Consensus:

The pastor, church staff, and leadership should arrive at a consensus concerning affiliation with the SBCV before taking it to the entire church body for a vote.

Present It To The Congregation:

Before a vote, invite the Executive Director or your area missionary to visit again on a Sunday evening with the entire congregation for a presentation (30 minutes) and questions and answers (30-45 minutes). Sunday mornings should be avoided since most people dislike missing Bible study and/or worship. A vote should not be taken at this time.

Allow Time For The Congregation To Pray:

Provide adequate time for the congregation to pray and come to an understanding of the special study committee’s recommendation before the vote is taken.

Vote And Notify The SBCV:

Complete, fax, or mail affiliation form to:

SBC of Virginia
4956 Dominion Boulevard
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: 804-270-1848
FAX: 804-270-1834