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Church meets first believer among desert’s ‘Hidden People’ - Baptist Press

Recently, Unity Baptist Church, an SBC of Virginia church in Prince George, was featured in a story on Baptist Press.

PRINCE GEORGE, Va. (BP) -- To say that Ellen Zaborsky is a fan of her church's adopted people group is a bit of an understatement.

Sitting in the sanctuary of Unity Baptist Church in rural Prince George, Va., the retired ninth-grade science teacher sticks out like a sore thumb against the congregation's standard Sunday morning attire. That's because Zaborsky is wrapped from head to toe in a vibrant pink cloak called a taseynest (pronounced tasulhness) -- traditional women's wear among the Hidden People of West Africa.

In 2009, Unity took responsibility to share the Gospel among those they call "the Hidden People," a group of roughly 300,000 nomads who roam the West African desert. The church has since sent six short-term teams to their adopted people, and Zaborsky has aided every team -- at least in spirit. Though her heart is firmly planted in West Africa, the 69-year-old won't ever set foot there. A wheelchair and a heart condition have ensured that. Fortunately, on this Sunday morning in early fall of 2013, a piece of West Africa has come to her.

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