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Church Planting Centers

What Is a Church Planting Center?

In the proverbial pews all across our great state and nation is an army of Christian leaders that could and should be challenged and equipped to take the Gospel to communities of lostness. Does your church have a heart for church planting? Perhaps it could become a church planting center (CPC). The focus of a church planting center is to equip men to start and lead Gospel-centered, missional, church-planting churches. Church leaders need theological training and directed personal mentoring to help them lead and serve like Christ. Church planting centers focus on developing the knowledge, character, and ability of prospective leaders and sending them out to plant new churches.

FREE Downloadable Resource: 
A Guide to Establishing a Church Planting Center

The SBC of Virginia has created a free downloadable resource to help your church learn how to establish a church planting center. The resource is intended to provide a track on which pastoral leaders can run and personalize to make it their own. It is not intended to be exhaustive but to provide a stimulus for pastors to create a plan to train up God’s people to plant churches. The recommended experiential learning process would include instruction and modeling coupled with the vitally important process of mentoring. 

Attached below you will find the guide, along with the forms mentioned in Appendix A of the guide.

Let’s train up an army of missionary evangelists that will plant multiplying churches and reclaim this land for Him until King Jesus returns.

For more information, contact your SBC of Virginia church planting strategist or email