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About Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope is a resource for pastors and churches to empower committed Christians to reach their lost friends and neighbors with the Gospel. This happens through evangelistic small groups outside of the church.

The ultimate goal of Communities of Hope is to create a seedbed of evangelistic small groups from which new churches will be planted.

Communities of Hope small groups last for about 8–12 weeks and can have one of four outcomes:

  1. One Hope Community leads to one new church plant.
  2. Two or more Hope Communities lead to one new church plant.
  3. Hope Communities become mini-satellites of the sending church.
  4. The Hope Community exists for a short duration.

Lesson Tracks

There are two tracks for Communities of Hope:

1) The HOPE
The HOPE is a 12-week study based on elements from 35 key Bible stories from Genesis to Acts 1. Lessons are visually supported by a DVD that vividly tells the stories in 12 segments, each about five minutes long. This provides an excellent background for small group discussion.

2) The Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God is a set of three Bible studies that introduce participants to faith and life in Christ. It consists of a sequence of one 8-week study, followed by two 6-week studies.


Communities of Hope includes a suggested track of equipping for those study leaders who will go on to move their groups to becoming the nucleus of a new church. In this way, church leaders can mentor study leaders to become new church leaders who will go on to mentor new study leaders and continue the multiplication.

With intentional equipping, coaching, and divine enablement, there is no end to the evangelistic impact God can bring to your own community, other surrounding communities, and the world.