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Connecting with University Students

Our most recent journeys have revolved around connecting with university students. They are very excited to meet English-speaking people with whom to practice their conversational English.

We typically invite them to a coffee house gathering where we open the Book and share with them. There is tremendous interest in spiritual things and they are usually very open to these discussions.

Relational evangelism is a primary focus of our teams but we also have been engaged in leadership training and medical checkups. Although we had three teams there last year, we will only have two this year.

Our next journey will be after Christmas and we hope we will be able to be involved in a large-scale Christmas event. In addition, our team will be involved in leadership training, university work, and perhaps medical checkups.

Prayer Requests

  • The central government succeeded in shutting down most of the large-scale Christmas celebrations this past year. Pray for those opportunities to be allowed this year.
  • For our company employees, their families, and their work.
  • For our national partners and their safety.