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Disaster Relief Teams Respond to Tornadoes in Williamsburg

Serving a cup of cold water in Jesus' name . . .

With the sudden hit of multiple tornadoes across the state on Wednesday, Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief began on Thursday morning with the set up of a command center in Montgomery that has deployed over 2,500 volunteers. Chainsaw teams, shower units, cleanup/recovery teams and feeding units are saturating north Alabama. Food began to arrive at the feeding units on Monday. Child care units were deployed on Monday. Teams are still arriving from other states. Dozens of teams from Alabama are on the field with additional teams from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Many churches across the region are preparing meals and distributing food, water and clothing to those affected by the storm. Thousands of volunteers are serving in many capacities. More than 30 churches are serving as collection points or distribution centers for goods collected from around the state.

How can you help?

  • PRAY - Continue to pray for all affected by the storms. Pray for the disaster relief volunteers. May God use this disaster for His glory!
  • GIVE - The road to recovery will be a long one. Giving financially is a practical way you can help. Visit to give online using your credit card or mail a check payable to

    State Board of Missions
    P.O. Box 11870
    Montgomery, AL 36111-0870.

    Please note "Alabama tornado relief" on the check. Another way you can give is by donating goods. An updated list of official drop off locations across the state can be found here.
  • SERVE - A list has been compiled of ways you can serve the affected areas. Visit to view the list and make contact with many that need help after the storm.