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GPS 2010 Testimonies

Kingsland Baptist Church, Richmond

Yes, we had an amazing Easter weekend at Kingsland.  We blended GPS (Find it Here) with our outreach called “Operation Chesterfield” and distributed almost 4,000 of the Find it Here tracts in preparation for our spring block party for the community.   We had our biggest block party ever with 1,500 in attendance.   On Easter morning, my wife and I had the opportunity to pray with a lady from our community named Tonya.  She prayed the most beautiful and sincere sinner’s prayer I’ve ever heard.  God richly blessed and used GPS!

Kingland Baptist, Richmond
Pat Fiordelise

Hillcrest Baptist Church, Ridgeway

We just wanted to share what we learned from the GPS Campaign here at Hillcrest Baptist Church.

  1. We ordered our materials.
  2. We prayer walked/drove our community on March 15 with 8 teams and with 26 people participating from ages 8-83.
  3. We showed the GPS promotional clip during the service on March 21.
  4. We put out our banners and yard signs.
  5. We met for literature distribution on Saturday March 27 and sent out 15 teams with over 45 people participating including quite a few that had never done anything like this before. We distributed 980 bags (we were somehow short some bags).
  6. We stocked up on free gifts and stuffed over 100 Hillcrest mugs in anticipation of a large crowd on Easter Sunday.
  7. Easter Sunday came and…….we had 0 “Find It Here” flyers returned.
  8. However, our sanctuary was packed with a crowd we had not seen in quite some time. We even pulled in extra chairs for seating.
  9. We had many visitors and do you want to know why most of them were there? They were personally invited by a church member or regular visitor.
  10. I have no doubt that God will use our efforts in the prayer walking and literature distribution and seeds of the Gospel have been planted. But for our church, we clearly see the impact of the personal invitation.


THIS JUST IN: Monday night we had 8 teams go out into the community for our GPS visitation. Of course we had only 1 “find it here” card, but we had many visits to make of people that had recently visited our church and families that had attended our Easter egg hunt (I always do door prizes to get their information-something you taught me).
Something was very interesting. As I sat down to make our prospect cards and map them out for our teams, I noticed that many of our visits were from the neighborhoods where we had prayer walked and distributed literature.
We returned for our praise report and a team reported that a lady had accepted Christ! So many times we have had people do this and then we never see them again. Well, that lady was at church last night with her son!!!!  We pray we will continue to see her and minister to her needs.
We’ll keep plugging away and continue to pray for the harvest.

Hillcrest Baptist, Ridgeway
Martha Jones

Fork Baptist Church, Scottsburg

The GPS campaign at our church was a very successful. Here a few of the things that we did in the community before Easter Sunday:

  • Our church did a large bulk mail out to our surrounding neighbors. Over  1,000 postcards that matched the "Find It Here" materials were sent out. These  cards contained a personal invite to join us for Easter worship service and  instructions on how to access the Find It Here website and evangelism hotline. 
  • We prayer walked our community- but because we live in a rural location we  had to do most of our praying in vehicles. 
  •  We gave out nearly 500 "Find It Here" invitation packets through our  door-to-door visitation. 
  • Signs were put up around town the week before Easter reminding people to join us.

Results that we saw:

  • The sanctuary was full, basically to capacity. This was the largest crowd  I have ever seen at our church for a worship service. Many who attended  indicated they will return next Sunday and I pray they will.
  • The racial barrier was broken down a little. I was so proud that I our  church members were willing to visit black AND white houses and offer personal  invites to church. Many in the African-American community were shocked that we  were personally inviting them and I think this gave our church a good  testimony in the community. I pray it demonstrated that the Gospel can cause  racial reconciliation.
  • Many people discovered our church for the first time. I was shocked to  find that people who lived not 15 minutes away from our church had never heard  of us before!  The GPS campaign helped us to get our church's name into  the community.

Thanks guys for all of your hard work in putting together the GPS campaign this year. It was effective and we praise God for all that He has done.

Fork Baptist, Scottsburg
David Rathel

Rosedale Baptist Church, Abingdon

Rosedale members went Prayer walking Saturday, March 20th. Twenty-six pairs covered 36 neighborhoods.

On March 27th, more than 50 members distributed 1500+ Gospel packets to those 13 neighborhoods prayed for the week before. Each packet had a flyer about our Easter sunrise service and the schedule for the day. 

Also on the flyer was information about our Revival that starts May 2-6 with Dr. Jerry Johnson. Our Revival theme is 'Find it Here!'. We are expecting to see great things come from such a wonderful response of God's people to get out the Gospel."

Rosedale Baptist, Abingdon
Don Paxton

Grace Baptist Church, Virgilina

We passed out over 2,000 packets the weekend of Palm Sunday. We did a prayer walk in several communities on March 20th.

Grace Baptist, Virgilina
Jack Steward

First Baptist Church, Norfolk

I have seen the 'Find it Here' spot at least 5 times in the Hampton Roads Viewing area.
It is excellent!

First Baptist, Norfolk
Steve Harper

Spotswood Baptist Church, Fredericksburg

We have had a great time with GPS. Our people have responded extremely well to the prayer walking on March 20th and the Easter invite and Gospel distribution on March 27th.

Our members have distributed 8,000 packets! We created a HUGE GPS display in our foyer with a large map of the area where we highlighted the streets that were prayer walked.

Our members notified us through e-mail. It was really cool to see how much of the region we covered. We plan to do something similar again next year. The key for us is our members beginning to take ownership of their neighborhoods as their mission field.

Spotswood Baptist, Fredericksburg
Dan Cook

God's Storehouse Baptist Church, Richmond

We have distributed about 560 Find it Here packets.

God's Storehouse Baptist, Richmond
Tom Lovorn

Thomas Terrace Baptist Church, Concord

The full and lasting testimony of the positive effects of GPS have yet to be seen. But we are experiencing some thrilling results in our people already. People are readily taking our material and thanking us for it.

One of our families reports that their 4 year old son has become quite the little evangelist as he insisted that he be the one to hand out the material and tell the people about Jesus.

We have had more than 100 people involved, 40+ teams of men and women, youth and children delivering more than 5,000 packets of FIH materials. We also mailed out 925 postcard invitations to our Easter services, each with a FIH reference.

This campaign is bringing about a change of attitude within our people. More and more people are seeing our need to witness and share our faith with a lost community and world - and realizing that they can do it! With our experience as a backdrop, more and more people are aggressively witnessing to family and friends and becoming involved in the church's outreach efforts.

We are excited with what God has done and will do.

Thomas Terrace Baptist, Concord
Dick Vannoy