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Haiti earthquake relief assessment under way


The SBCV Disaster Relief ministry, with more than 3000 trained volunteers from partner churches, stands ready and willing to serve the earthquake victims in Haiti.  We are now in the process of conducting an official call-up of the volunteers to compile teams that will be ready to respond in the days and weeks ahead.

Mark Gauthier, Director of Mobilizing Churches for the SBCV says, “Because of our experience, we know there are several things that will begin to happen before a large scale response will take place.  Assessments must be conducted to assess the needs and what infrastructure (if any) remains to support team members.  This will likely be conducted by small teams (probably government) in the near term.  I would anticipate that within a few days we will begin to see requests for teams to respond with chaplains, water purification and feeding capabilities to meet the most basic needs – and we will be ready to serve where needed.”

Please continue to check our Disaster Relief webpage,, for the very latest information.