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Haiti January 28 Update

"Other relief agencies in Haiti are running a 100-yard dash; we are running a marathon."

- Fritz Wilson, Florida Disaster Relief director

The SBDR assessment team, along with leaders from the Florida Baptist Convention, NAMB, IMB, and BGR spent almost all of Tuesday in intense debriefing/planning meetings. The current major hurdle to sending teams is the lack of transportation into Haiti. Today the best, most reliable option seems to be flights into Santo Domingo and then an overland trip through the Dominican Republic to Port-au-Prince. Commercial air flights are not yet going into Haiti, military flights are not taking civilians, and charters are extremely expensive. We continue to seek avenues directly into Port-au-Prince, while current plans use the longer route through the Dominican Republic.

The next hurdle we face is insuring that once teams are Haiti-bound, they have proper and adequate support, supplies, and housing. To go without planning is like sending a barge with the equivalent of 150 tractor-trailer-loads of food and medical supplies without thought to where to berth, how to unload and transport, and where to distribute the resources. Yes, this has actually happened. What a nightmare, when with proper planning and waiting for the right time, supplies like this could be effectively used.

Fritz Wilson, Florida Disaster Relief director, reminds us that "Other relief agencies in Haiti are running a 100-yard dash; we are running a marathon."

Thank you for your continued prayer and planning as together we seek the Lord's guidance in meeting both the physical and spiritual needs in Haiti.