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James Taylor Jr.

James & Jacquelin Taylor

Julia, James, Jaelynn, and Joseph

Church plant
The Village Church of Portsmouth


Planter’s email

Church phone

Meeting location
3725 Towne Point Rd.
Portsmouth, VA 23703

About The Village Church of Portsmouth
Our mission is to win the lost and strengthen the believer through the love of Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by strengthening families, empowering education, instilling discipleship, and operating in servant leadership or what we call F.E.D.S. These focuses are all undergirded through a 4-P principle of Prayer (2 Timothy 2:15), Passion (Mark 12:28-34), Purpose (Romans 8:28) and People (Matthew 28:19). Through all of this, we are fiercely committed to winning the city of Portsmouth for Christ and in building His people in relationship with Him.

Partnership opportunities
We need financial partners to assist us with pastoral support as well as building and ministry needs.

Our baptismal pool needs repair (needs a motor, steps leading into the pool, and paint).

We have a strong call to start a food and clothing ministry. We have a space for it, but it needs flooring, painting, walls to be finished, and shelving.  We have the same needs for our kitchen, which would enable us to provide lunches and other food needs for our tutoring program.

We need computers or laptops for our tutoring program to middle and high school students in Portsmouth.

Prayer requests
Pray for the city of Portsmouth—that God will continue to cultivate the hearts of people as we minister to them.

Pray for two local high schools—IC Norcom and Churchland. Both represent demographics in our congregation, and we are strategically praying for these schools.

Pray for the four apartment complexes surrounding our church—that we can effectively reach them with the Gospel.

Pray for our tutoring and summer camp—for resources (both financial and volunteer help) and for the Lord to bring youth and their parents to Christ.

Pray for our leadership team—for strength, focus, wisdom, and discernment.

Pray for the individual families within the church—many are dealing with difficult situations.