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Ministries in Nicaragua - Spring 2011

1. Extreme Backpack Ministry:  Every January a network church leads a team to go backpacking in the mountains of northern Nicaragua to share the gospel and distribute food and supplies. They have recently discovered a village that was previously unreached and did not have bibles. They are now identifying many remote areas like this and leaving them solar powered audio bibles. This happens once a year.

2. Pastor Training:  A network Church is developing a program where 10-12 pastors come in once a month throughout the year for basic theological training. They are planting churches in remote villages and now want to have an environment where we can encourage and equip those pastors. This will take place every month this year. They will also be hosting a large Pastor's Conference in Managua once a year in the fall.

3. Agricultural Training:  Agricultural Training: God has raised up a leader in Nicaragua who has discovered a system where a family can survive on 1/10 of an acre of land. The system includes building a compost heap, small garden, chickens, and rabbits. A network church is currently developing the structure and facility to bring local leaders in, teach them the system, provide them with startup supplies and animals, and then empower them to go back to their villages to train others. This is an ongoing project.

4. Village Outreach:  This ministry helps people meet their chief need for a Savior, while also helping to meet the critical physical needs of hunger, poor substandard housing, shortage of water, lack of schools and education, lack of churches and pastor sponsorship. Each team spends about a week in country ministering to the Nicaraguan people in some of the more remote villages. Besides the sharing of the Gospel we offer general economic, health care, and emergency relief. To date a network church has helped feed tens of thousands of hungry people with hundreds of tons of food.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that we would be able to identify more unreached villages in the remote mountains of northern Nicaragua.
  • Pray that we would be able to develop a theological training method that would equip the pastors in the context in which they serve.
  • Pray for the resources needed to build and distribute supplies for the 1/10 of an acre agricultural program.
  • Pray for the economic and healthcare problems among the people of Nicaragua.
  • Pray for the gospel to go to every village in every corner of this beautiful country.