Strong churches with a bold commitment to the Great Commission

Ministries in North Africa - Spring 2011

Libyans begin to be more open to the Gospel: The spiritual climate in Libya has changed significantly. God is doing a new work in this land (a response to the sustained and specific intercession of past years?). There is notable spiritual hunger among Libyans, but not enough Bibles for those seeking them. Increasing numbers of Libyans are coming to Christ (though still only a few), and expatriate Christians now enjoy greater spiritual liberty than in the past.

Praise God for these developments and pray that they would continue.

Prayer request

Pray for a man we'll call Town Crier. He recently attended a study of the Bible in English with a group that meets twice a week.  He professes to be a Brother.  He has lost his job as a result of following Father. 

Pray that Town Crier would have courage to stand strong in the face of difficulty and be able to share his newfound faith.