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Mission Service Corps Openings (2011)

What positions are currently available?

Currently the SBC of Virginia has these open MSC positions:

  • Mobilizing Churches Associate - Southeast Region
  • Mobilizing Churches Associate - Central-West Region
  • Mobilizing Churches Associate - Central-East Region
  • Mobilizing Churches Associate - Southwest Region
  • Mobilizing Churches Associate - North Region

Description of Mobilizing Churches Associate position:

Mobilizing Churches Associate to work with the Director of Mobilizing Churches to create, develop and administer missions programs to grow the vision and focus of the SBCV mobilizing strategy.

The Associate will serve as a field representative with SBC of Virginia Mobilizing Churches Department, sharing mission education and mission opportunities to pastors and church leaders in order to evaluate mission effectiveness; recommend ways to improve the impact of the local church on the lost in Virginia and beyond.

Development, education and promotion of the ACTS 1:8 Challenge to SBCV churches will be an integral part of this position.

The right person for this position should be familiar with ACTS 1:8 and other strategies to assist churches in developing or strengthening missions in the local church. This person will need to be able to effectively communicate with churches and their staff.

All staff members also assist other aspects of the ministry as needed.

This person will work alongside current staff members and under the direction of the Director of Mobilizing Churches.

How do I apply?

Download and complete the application (see attachment to this article), then email all application materials as attachments to Cathy Almond at