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Multiplying Churches Highlights at Annual Homecoming

Highlights Worth Noting

Director of Multiplying Churches, Mark Custalow, interviews church planter Jamie Limato during the Multiplying Churches report.

The SBC of Virginia 2009 Annual Homecoming is fast becoming a fleeting memory, but the effects are lingering. For the Multiplying Churches Team, there were several highlights worth noting:

  1. Twenty-eight SBCV churches were recognized for making new commitments in 2009 to actively support the birth of new churches. Throughout the year during one of their worship services, each of these churches was presented with an Eagle Award for sponsoring churches. For a full listing of Eagle Award recipients, go to our 2009 Eagle Awards for Sponsoring Churches article.
  2. During the Monday night session, homecoming attendees were visually reminded of the reason why SBCV churches plant new churches. Jody Williams is one whose life has been changed for eternity because an SBCV church plant met in the school where she was employed. A captivating video told the story of how Jody was intentionally pursued with the Gospel through the efforts of church planter Chris Gill and Reservoir Community Church. She once had no reason to live; now she is carrying the Gospel that changed her life to others whose lives are still broken. Watch Jody's story at
  3. Messengers to the SBCV Annual Homecoming enthusiastically embraced and approved the Vision 20/20 Report, which sets a clear direction for the SBCV over the next 10 years. A portion of the V20/20 Report describes the goal of SBCV churches partnering to plant 400 new churches by the year 2020.

You may ask, “What justifies such a goal?” The answer: there are many communities full of people just like Jody who have no church intentionally pursuing them with the Gospel.

Immediately following the Multiplying Churches Report, a pastor approached Mark Custalow, director of Multiplying Churches, to give him an update on the new plant his church is sponsoring—its first. He told Mark the Lord was asking him to lead his church to plant three more churches within the next ten years. If every SBCV church would commit to planting just one church in the next ten years, the SBCV would far surpass its goal, and multiple thousands of lives would be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Learn more and download the full Vision 20/20 Report on our Vision 20/20 page.

Getting Involved with Sponsoring Church Planting

For assistance in learning how to sponsor a new church or in discerning God’s call for you to join a church planting team, please contact your regional church planting strategist: