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Partners In Care works to minister to U.S. Military

“Freedom is not free”—that’s what we often say, generally as a nod of support to American troops. But sometimes the phrase is simply a gesture of affirmation for the sacrifice some men and women make everyday—you know, the ones fighting for both their lives and our freedom—because our actions don't support our words. 

Committing to work in the military for the betterment of our beloved country may be one of the most unselfish decisions some will make—not alluding to the idea that those who are not members of the military are selfish. There is just something unifying about a man or woman essentially committing to “lay down his life for his friend” (John 15:13 NLT) upon enlisting into the Armed Forces. Some might even call it Biblical, expressing pure, great love—love for God, love for country and love for family and friends.

Not everyone is called to be a part of the Armed Forces, but most everyone should work to support the troops in some way.

“Our Virginia National Guard military members and their families need to know folks like you are there for them,” Chaplain J.D. Moore said in an email. 

That’s where companies like Partners In Care come into play. Partners In Care, a faith-based initiative committed to helping soldiers and their families, is partnered with the Virginia National Guard Chaplain Corps. The company’s purpose is to support local soldiers and their families by connecting faith-based groups that offer resources such as suicide prevention, family counseling, home repair and food supplies to those who have, or are, serving.

“Partners In Care will hopefully provide training and resource contacts to local Faith Based Groups to become the center for help for Virginia National Guard members and their families,” Moore said.

During his email, Moore stressed the importance of supporting the guardsman during the deployment and after they return home.

“Since 9/11 many of your Virginia National Guard members have deployed, some many times. Some will continue to deploy in the future,” he said.  “As a result, our Guardsman and their families may need your support within their local community. They may need help with suicide intervention, behavioral health issues, family counseling, home improvement, supplies, shelter and car maintenance just to name a few.  Good news, there are hundreds of resources out there to help but no central base within most of their communities to provide the guidance in contacting the resources. That is where your Faith Based Group fills in the gap.”