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Returning to Grace Baptist Church

God's Perfect Timing

“There is an appointed time for everything.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

Returning to Grace Baptist Church in New Castle for four more days, May 18th thru the 21st, was definitely God’s perfect timing!

The tile for the halls and vestibule had arrived. The drywall had to be finished in the hall and primer and two coats of paint applied to be ready for the tile to be laid. God not only sent good painters for this week, but they were fast.  We not only completed the halls and the vestibule, but all the adjoining Sunday school classrooms and bathrooms!! To literally top it all off and add light, an electrician was able to install all the drop ceiling light fixtures in the halls and vestibule.

This was a special week as we were able to meet more folks from town as they came to “look around” to see what God was doing. Church members brought friends to check out the progress. All can see that the work of volunteers from many states arriving at the right time are building God’s church and will finish it!

Fifteen volunteers from five churches listened to God’s call to come and build. Several from this trip and the last have made plans to help build again, working on specialized projects for Grace Baptist Church. If you want to help, but have not been able to come on one of the past “call outs” please contact us at

On Mission to tell others about Jesus!

Jack and Nancy Dunford
SBCV State Baptist Builders Volunteer Coordinators

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