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Roof Work = God’s Work

Snow, ice, rain and wind could not keep Baptist Builders from completing God’s work!

In March a call-out to work on the roof at Salem Baptist Church, Virginia Beach was issued. Ice and snow delayed volunteers the first week, but did not keep them away and the repair was started. The second week began a little better, but was cut short by rain. After a third call-out, Baptist Builders returned to Salem Baptist to replace the roof. On the second day it rained! Stuck inside we asked the pastor what could we do inside? He said they’ve always wanted to knock out a wall to make a Welcome Center for folks to be greeted as they entered the church. No sooner said than the demo began and the room was remodeled. All in a days work! God had a plan for that rainy day!

50 Baptist Builders from 19 churches responded to this request for a total of 11 working days and now Salem Baptist Church, Virginia Beach has a dry place to worship and fellowship! One of the members says she was especially happy as she always sat next to the “water feature” in the sanctuary. For the volunteers, getting to know the families was awesome. We went to encourage them, yet we came home with an experience and blessing we will never forget. While working we were able to witness to folks in the community and several started coming to church while we were still there! Please pray for this church that is sitting in a growing community with over 250,000 people within a 5-mile radius. God has a plan BIGGER than completing that 15,000 sq ft roof, and we thought the roof was big!

Please join Baptist Builders for another project in the future, God wants to bless you!

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