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SBC of Virginia Disaster Relief Volunteer Handbook

During the past 7 years the SBCV’s Disaster Relief ministry has grown and matured beyond any of our expectations. Except God’s. I believe that by putting Him first in all aspects of this ministry and because what you are allowing Him to do through you, we have been blessed. We have been privileged to serve in two foreign countries and at least 14 different states, bringing God’s love and compassion to hurting people.

The traits we talked about during your training, following directions and leading when called for, being flexible . . . no, make that fluid, and possessing spiritual, moral and physical strength are all important. But none are more important that being ready, willing and able (trained) to share His story and Love. What sets us apart from other Disaster Relief organizations is God, and our purpose for going is to share the Love ofJesus with a lost and dying world. While we are doing that, through word and deed, we will meet the physical needs of the victims. We have an opportunity to make an eternal difference in people’s lives and we must be bold in sharing our faith.

We must also recognize that this is not a time to share our story, but a time for listening. Only by being good listeners can we develop a relationship that will allow us the opportunity to share the Gospel.

As you prepare to go remember to lift each other up in prayer regularly and continue your personal devotion and quiet time so that you will be ready for the task set before you. Many will be praying for your safety and for your families as you go.May God richly bless you for your willingness to serve Him.

Thank you.

Mark Gauthier, State Disaster Relief Director
SBC of Virginia