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Second Disaster Relief Team Returns from Haiti

The second SBCV Disaster Relief and missions team has returned safely from Haiti, physically tired but spiritually rejuvenated by the grace of God and the love of the Haitian people. Roger Wright, Scott Keith, Brian Keith (Scott’s son), Morgan Lee, Leslie Wilson, and Aubrey Ralph comprised the team. They spent five awesome days in Saint Marc, Haiti, conducting Vacation Bible School for children five to fifteen years old and a leadership conference for pastors and church leaders, some of whom traveled up to three hours each way every day to attend.


The team was touched by the humility, openness, and love of the Haitian pastors and people.The Haitians were always willing to share the little they had with others, and their generosity of spirit was evident in their whole-hearted worship. Their dedication to Christ and their love for each other and for the team was moving. The Bible conference closed with an invitation for Christians to share Christ with others. More than 100 recommitted their lives to the Lord and to working with their pastors to share Christ in their community. While the team did not have the opportunity to distribute Buckets of Hope, we are encouraged that the buckets are being released from customs and are getting into the hands of those who are in such great need.

The SBCV team went to Haiti to share the love of Christ with hurting people. They returned encouraged and strengthened by the faith of the Haitian Christians and challenged to hold material things loosely, love others deeply, and share Christ passionately.

Answer to Prayer: Folders have been accepted by authorities for all Buckets of Hope containers that are in Haiti. We now await a phone call from Haitian customs indicating all of the buckets have been released. We are excited and hope that many future teams will have the opportunity to unload and distribute the food.