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Serving In Crisis

Response as a Witness

There seems to be no area of mission action that requires more rapid response than a time of disaster. The disaster comes unexpectedly, as does the opportunity for immediate ministry. If we are unprepared when it strikes and delay action, the opportunity passes with the urgent need.

We believe that Southern Baptists are under scriptural and moral obligation to all mankind to provide a positive witness of the love of Jesus Christ. Disasters affect many people. Christians naturally respond to the hurts of those around them and feel an obligation to minister in the name of Jesus Christ. He calls for His people to demonstrate love in the relief of victims in disasters through the efficient and immediate use of the resources, time, and talents entrusted to us by our Lord. Christians working together can accomplish much for the glory of God.

Serving those whose lives have been disrupted is the very act that Jesus commanded in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). Jesus ministered to people He met each day. The miracles He performed were answers to the needs of those with whom He came in contact. There were times when He ministered to the masses with miracles (feeding the 5,000 and 4,000), but most of His miracles were performed for individuals with specific needs.

Churches should plan for and train their members to work with individuals caught in crisis. They also should plan and prepare for disasters that may affect their communities. As you become involved in Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, you will see how you can lead your church to becoming involved in planning and serving the world we live in.