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Summer 2012 testimony from Jeremiah Sluss about reaching the Pedi

I just got back from South Africa on a vision trip with Pastor Pete Hypes from Bermuda Baptist Church. We were blessed to go to the Limpopo Province in South Africa to work with the Pedi people.

We are a church plant and this August will be our third year. Even though we are young, God has blessed us to have a vision for missions. I went on this trip to see what God is doing among the Pedi people and to bring that back to GFB to see if God is birthing a partnership with Bermuda Baptist and the Pedi people.  

We saw God has done and is doing amazing things among the Pedi people of South Africa. We were blessed to have opportunities opened to us such as getting into the clinics and ministering to people that they have not had on previous trips. God allowed us to get into numerous ares and villages preaching the gospel and ministering to people.

We even saw a traditional healer come forward during a worship service. He stated, "I do not want to be saved right now, but I do want more of what I see in you all. I see something different."

God moved in a powerful way.

I was also blessed to Skype back to GFB while I was there to help bring South Africa to our people. This made a huge impact on our people and allowed them to be in Africa with me.

Now we begin the process of growing our people and praying about partnering and sending a team from GFB to the Pedi. These people are hungry and are waiting for someone to tell them about Jesus!

Editor's note: Pastor Jeremiah submitted this testimony to us through our website. We're eager to share more about what the Lord is doing through SBC of Virginia churches, so if you have a missions experience to tell about, please let us know. Share your story!