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Support a Church Plant

There are 3 main ways that people can get involved in supporting church planting:

  • A church can sponsor a church plant
  • A pastor or church planter can mentor a church planter
  • Individuals can join church plants in mission activities

Sponsor a Church Plant

If you are a member of a local SBCV church, and it is your passion to see a new work started, your first step is to discuss your vision with your pastor. Also, you can contact your area church planting strategist for insights on where God is working. If you are a pastor or staff member, there are several steps you should take as you lead your church to start a new work.

First, contact your area SBCV church planting strategist or download and fill out the Sponsor Church Interest Form at the bottom of this page (and email to When you speak with your area church planting strategist, he will set up a time to discuss with you the initial plans for becoming a sponsor church. Next, if you have identified an area or people group, begin to gather as much information as you can as to the particular needs or opportunities. Finally, begin to identify those within your church that would show an interest or calling to church planting. This information will help you when you meet with your church planting strategist. Finally, PRAY! Pray for the Lord to send the harvest and build His Kingdom.

Note: Typically, churches will sponsor a church plant led by a planter from their own church body. In some cases a church will be matched to a church planter and sponsor or co-sponsor a church plant from another church community. The process for sponsoring church plants is outlined in more detail in our Guidelines for Sponsoring a new Church Plant.

If you are interested in possibly sponsoring a church plant, please download and complete the Sponsor Church Interest Form at the bottom of this page and email it to

Mentor a Church Planter

Qualified church planters and pastors have the unique opportunity to mentor new and growing church planters. This crucial role involves tremendous commitment, but serves to aid the church planting process in a way that no other education or training can imitate.

If you are passionate about building close, biblical relationships for the purpose of developing leaders, or if you are interested in supporting church planting, consider entering into a mentoring relationship with a church planter.

Individually Support a Church Plant

One way that the SBCV supports church planting is through church planting mission opportunities. By joining a team to help church planters, individuals can help multiply the presence of church plants in outreach activities and neighborhood canvassing.

If you'd like support church planting individually or as a small group, consider getting connected with one of these opportunities. You can learn about what kinds of missions opportunities are available by browsing through church planter profiles.

For more information, please contact your area church planting strategist.