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Teaching & prayer walking in Lima with amazing response

"Is God sending a revival to Peru?"

My wife and I retired from Peru, South America in 1998 after 30 years of work there. However, we have been back to the  Peru and other mission areas once a year since then.

I went back to the field last February to teach an intensive course on evangelism in missions at the Baptist Seminary in Lima. There forty-two pastors and workers who sat in the hot non -air conditioned building from 8 in the morning until 8PM as I taught. We could feel the Lord's presence as the pastors gave their plans and projects to glorify God around their churches in Lima a city of 10 million souls and where the urban population is exploding at a geometrical rate.

The other seven days were spent teaching and doing  prayer working in the North Cone of Lima where the population is exploding. There are many straw houses and simple adobe structures on the hills out there where many people live without sewage, lights, and water. Water has to be carried up the hills.

As we prayer walked the streets where many stores and businesses function below the hills we noticed people began to take interest. We had a group of about 30  believers with us including men, young people and women. Though we prayer walking in a secret way people came up and began to ask us questions as to who were and what we were doing? We began to witness to them and pray with them too. One retired man accepted Jesus in the street before people and relatives standing nearby.

Later as we prayer walked another area where a new church had been planted we passed an Indian grave yard. It is known in Peru as a "Huaca." the area is known as drug infested and where homosexuals live.

A  young man set on top of the "Huaca." He was unclean, disheveled and lost. As we walked by praying he came up to me and began to babble and beg. We formed a circle around him, and I put my hand on his head and prayed for him. At once he became calm and coherent, He received the tracts we gave him and he was invited to church that night..

I had worked in Peru for 30 years before, but I never had seen response like there is now. It was amazing that the church folks took off work to go out prayer walking. Three cab drivers also accepted Jesus that week.

Is God sending a revival to Peru, South America?

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