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Testimonies from YEC 2010

“We were late arriving to the conference, and worship was well underway, but the atmosphere was euphoric as we entered into God's presence and came before His throne with praises. By the time David Nasser gave the invitation, after his message, I have never felt more compelled to fall before God to intercede on others' behalf. This year, I drafted a 2010 'Most Wanted' list for those I would love to see saved in the next 12 months. Number five on the list accepted Christ that night, and the other from our group wasn't even on my radar!

When David shared his wife's testimony, the conviction of the Holy Spirit moved in my wife's heart and life. We had been attending church together since high school, and we both graduated from Liberty. We had shared the Gospel and ministered to students for years, and yet God gripped my wife's heart on January 15th, 2010 and would not let go until she made a decision to truly SURRENDER.

Brittany handed me a note that she had feverishly scrawled in the dim lighting that read, ‘...I haven't been living like I should be...I'm just going through the motions.'

We stepped outside, and my young bride explained that she had never been so powerfully convicted by the Holy Spirit and, despite being attacked with shame, she humbly submitted to God's prodding. Then I opened my Bible to the first thing that I thought of: the Romans Road. She couldn't help but laugh at the sheer craziness of reading with me, her husband the ordained minister, verses with which she was so familiar. As long as I live, I know that leading my wife in the sinner’s prayer will be my single greatest privilege.

The next day, our students unanimously decided that they would bypass the opportunity to go to the mall and pass out bottled water and tracts at a local park in Virginia Beach [instead]. For some, this was the first opportunity they had to share their faith and, for others, it was a 'walk in the park.' That simple act of passing out bottled water and talking with perfect strangers was just the boost one shy senior from our group named Jennie needed. That afternoon, she prayed and surrendered to go wherever God sends her, even quite possibly [to] the mission field!

But there was still one student named Andre who I had hoped would stand during the invitation the night before. He had been passing out water and tracts until I pulled him aside and asked him to share with me his testimony. He didn't understand what that meant, so I simplified by asking him who Jesus is to him. 'My Lord and my Savior,' he replied. I pressed him to know when he had made that decision to which he stated, 'Last night.'

This pastor was saved during a YEC event in Georgia nearly 13 years ago. Andre and Jennie surrendered in their own ways to the Lord this weekend at YEC as well. And now Brittany and I rejoice that God saw fit to assure her a place in heaven during a Youth Evangelism Conference more than a decade after he called me into the ministry. His ways are not our ways, but they are way more exciting than anything I could ever imagine!

SBCV pastors, church members, and lay leaders...we are off to an incredible start in 2010!”

Pastor Jon Morton
Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church

“First of all, I think that the conference was great. David did a great job of challenging the youth and the leaders. Phil was the right man to lead the music, and Tim's paintings were very moving. With all of that being said, my youth and my adult leaders had a great time, and I pray that our lives will not be the same after the 40-day challenge.”

[Editor’s note: David Nasser gave an open challenge to attendees to fast for 40 days. Rather than giving up food, they would give up one regular activity in order to give that time to the Lord.]

Pastor Wayne Chapman
Minister to Students - Assistant Pastor
Hatcher's Memorial Baptist Church, Bristow

“My wife and I have attended YEC for the last nine years. My wife thought this was by far the best. The music, David Nasser, and the venue were great."

Joey Raia
Minister to Students
Alexander Baptist Church