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The HOPE is a visual depiction of elements from 35 key Bible stories from Genesis to Acts 1. When told in order, these stories assist viewers in gaining an understanding of God, man, and the Gospel. The DVD is divided into 12 segments, each averaging about five minutes in length.

A 12-week study guide has been developed to accompany the DVD. It is designed to assist the group facilitator in guiding group discussions. These focus on the discovery of biblical truth along with life application.

The vivid nature of storytelling, when combined with the warm relational dynamics of a small group, will heighten attendance, participation, and receptivity to the Gospel.

The memorable nature of the stories told makes them easy for participants to repeat to people they know beyond the group. This can multiply the further spread of the message of hope in the Gospel.

Upon completion of The HOPE study, there is a 4-week New Believers' Study for the facilitator to use in grounding the new believers in their faith and walk with Christ.

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Attached Resources

Attached to this article are lesson materials and resources for the 12-week study.

These include:

  • a pastor's guide
  • a booklet with all 12 lessons in one document
  • each lesson separated for individual download (so you can print off copies for attendees if you like)
  • a guide on moving from small group to church plant
  • a guide on using storying to explore biblical truths
  • a guide for new believers
  • an evaluation form so you can let us know how we can make this better
  • a facilitator's guide for those actually facilitating the groups (also included in appendices of the pastor's guide)