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The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is a set of three Bible studies that introduce participants to faith and life in Christ.

  1. A Christian Worldview
    Beginning in Genesis, this 8-week study guides participants in understanding the rudimentary truths that make up the Gospel story.
  2. Entering the Kingdom
    This 6-week study focuses on the basics of what it means to enter the Kingdom of God. These are found in Peter’s instructions to the first converts in Acts 2:32-47. The study is designed to help new believers become grounded in faith and integrated into the life of a church.
  3. Living in the Kingdom
    This 6-week study is designed to help new believers understand the early steps of living as a follower of Christ.

Attached Resources

Attached to this article are lesson materials and resources for each study.

These include:

  • a pastor's guide
  • a booklet for each study containing all the lessons
  • individual lessons for each week separated so you can download them as you need them
  • an evaluation form so you can let us know how we can make this better
  • a facilitator's guide for those actually facilitating the groups (also included in appendices of the pastor's guide)