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Tim Kirkpatrick

Tim & Christine Kirkpatrick

Titus and Victoria

Church plant
Cross Trails Cowboy Church


Planter’s email

Church phone

Meeting location
Triple R Ranch
3531 Bunch Walnuts Rd
Chesapeake, VA 23322

About Cross Trails Cowboy Church
A distinguishing feature of Cross Trails Cowboy Church is the indoor riding arena on the grounds. People come dressed in outdoor attire and sit on bleachers or lawn chairs. Horses are welcome and used during the worship service. We have a low-key environment where people feel comfortable and that they fit in because they're around horses and horse people rather than at a traditional church. We use outdoor events to bring people in--then we help them on their trail of life (no matter where they are) and give them a place to grow spiritually. Our vision is to know God and make Him known to the rural community and to those who love the outdoor way of life. Our mission is to create a place where worship is an act of the heart, soul, and mind and where those who have fallen find a hand to help them up.

Partnership opportunities
1. Please pray for the church plant.

2. We need a guitar player to help for six months or until we can get someone else.

3. We need help with a summer backyard Bible club.

Prayer requests
1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give our core group a heart for personal evangelism and ministry.

2. Pray that the Lord will open opportunities for relationships to be built with the lost and with ministry partners.

3. Pray that God will build a strong and diverse team of spiritually minded leaders with a passion for the Gospel.

4. Pray God will give us confidence in His provision to provide financially.