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Tim White

Tim & Sherry White

Zach (and daughter-in-law, Shelby), Janey, and Ally

Church plant
Winchester Baptist Church


Planter’s email

Church phone

Meeting location
Millbrook High School
251 First Woods Dr.
Winchester, VA 22603

About Winchester Baptist Church
Winchester Baptist Church covenanted together as a church on Sept. 9, 2012, being commissioned as a church plant out of Sterling Park Baptist Church in Sterling, VA and in fellowship as one of the sister churches of Capitol Hill Baptist Church. We are a community of sinners who have been graciously reconciled to God and to one another through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As such, our great desire is to display the Gospel and the glory of Christ through a commitment to expository preaching, God-centered worship, and grace-filled community.

Prayer request
Please pray that the Gospel and the glory of Christ will be displayed through us.