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Transformed Lives - Bob Trent

Bob Trent, 74, is retired from the Army.  He is very patriotic and helps his church and pastor be that way as well.

When the pastor visits church members homes, [the pastor] always asks each person if they consider themselves Christian, and [asks them] to explain how they became a Christian.  At Bob’s house, [Bob] danced all around those questions, but was very good at it.

A few weeks later, Bob called his pastor about 9:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning.  He simply said God was really blessing him, but did not tell his pastor that he woke up at 6 a.m. and told his wife he was going to call the pastor.  He did not know his pastor was also up and had prayed for him that very morning.  On Sunday he came forward during the invitation, and said to his pastor, “I want to talk to the congregation.”  His pastor put his hands on Bob’s shoulders and said, “What are you going to say, Bob?”  He responded that, “It would be all right, he could only say this once.”

He then said,  “I want everyone to know that I am 74 years old, and have been a member of various churches for 40 years, but I have never been a Christian.  This week, September 27, 2008, I repented of my sin and received Jesus as my savior.”  First there was shock, then tears, and then jubilation!  His wife Shirley said she had been praying for that for many years. Bob was Baptized on 5 October 2008.

Now all of this means a changed life right?  Transformed means living different than you did, right?   Bob changed immediately.

He had never been to prayer meeting, and even now does not miss unless he is sick or out of town.  He cannot understand why everyone does not come!  God told him to start tithing and he does that first thing each week, even leaving his offering when he will be away.  Bob had never prayed out loud in public, but he does now, everywhere.

In the Walmart line, the cashier seemed tired, and dejected.  Bob said, “Mam, are you having a hard day?”  She told him that yes she was.  Bob  said, “Can I pray for you?”  After she said yes, he took her hand and right in the line prayed for her.  Tears in her eyes, she thanked him.  Then the lady behind him, with the next cart said to Bob, “Will you pray for me too?”  And he did.  And he still is.  He is a most honored friend and prayer companion, on the phone, on the street, in the hall.

Is Bob transformed?  Ask anyone.

Story Submitted by Bob McEachern
Fair Havens Church in Chesterfield