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Transformed Lives - Jacob Womack

Jacob Womack, 10, is a vivacious boy.  But let me back up.  His parents, Randy and Sharon knew their boy needed church and they did too, so they started searching.  They started coming when Jacob was 4, fell in love with the church, and became vital members.  Jacob was a prodigy every Sunday when the pastor did Kid’s Chat during worship.  He could always answer the questions, always.

Jacob’s parents spend a lot of time with him.  He has always talked seriously and straight with them.  He asked them spiritual questions and they were amazed, often coming to the pastor with stories or questions.  They began to tell me that Jacob was asking questions about salvation, baptism, and about following God.

One Wednesday evening after Mission Friends, I found Jacob sitting in my office with a “great big smile” on his face.  He said, “Pastor, I want to be a Christian and be Baptized.”  We went through the scripture together, and he prayed the sweetest prayer.  His smile did not leave for weeks.  He as grinning in the process of baptism.  Pastor was surprised he did not choke!  His mom, our volunteer church secretary said he did not stop smiling for two more weeks.  

This all took place over spring break at school.  When he went back to school, kids were asked to explain what they did over break.  First they were to share back and forth with a friend.  Jacob told his assigned friend,  “Over break, I believed in God and was baptized.”  Next day his mom asked, “What did your friend think about that?”   Jacob said, “He wasn’t very interested.”  Mom asked how he felt about that, and Jacob said, “It makes me kind of sad.”  What a good answer.  Then he stood and told his whole class what he did.  He prays with mom and dad each day.  He with his family is on the right road to Christian maturity.  A long way to go.

Is Jacob transformed?  The change was not as dramatic as older folks, but he is sure of his salvation and learning daily.

Story Submitted by Bob McEachern
Fair Havens Church in Chesterfield
Central-East Region